Dancing Around the Ancinet Greeks

A five/six week course using creative dance and dance technique to explore aspects of life in ancient Greece.


Week one: The Olympics.

Week two: Life for women and girls in ancient Athens.

Week three: The importance of education/culture in ancient Athens.

Week four: Slavery in ancient Greece.

Week five: Democracy.

Week six: Socrates or a re-visit/re-cap of previous material.

Aims of the course

  1. To make all learning/exploration fun, motivating and relevant to the children towards whom it will be aimed.
  2. To explore combinations of movement through watching and copying.
  3. To refine and develop movement explored as a whole class.
  4. To perform with appropriate actions and dynamics.
  5. To work co-operatively with a group to create a dance, using complementary shapes and actions.
  6. To encourage the children to find their own creative way of moving to express ideas.
  7. To investigate one’s own body by paying attention to how it feels both physically and emotionally.
  8. To recognise constructive forms of commenting on and improving work.
  9. To develop understanding of safe exercise and what constitutes an appropriate warm-up and cool down.
  10. To explore some aspects of life in ancient Greece.