Delightful Differences

Delightful Differences is a five to six-session, creative dance course with cross curricula links. Through the story of the ‘Farmyard Fable’, and five, very delightfully different, farm animals, the course aims to develop dance in a creative way for each individual learner.

Underlying themes, as its title suggests, mean that this course hopes to counteract some of the negative attitudes that exist towards various groups in our society and to celebrate each individuals gift, essence, and personal quality.

The pack contains Lesson Plans and Music and Movement Sheets, (designed to be photocopied), a music CD (14 Original, tailor-made compositions to cover all aspects of all sessions and Illustrations (6 original paintings to provide a visual element to the sessions).

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Click one of the links below to play a sample from some of the songs from the Delightful Differences pack.

This pack was funded by the Millenium Award (for expenses incurred by music and illustrations).