What is Dancing Stories?

We at 'Dancing Stories' produce and deliver creative dance courses (courses, single sessions or INSET) for primary aged children. These courses have been formatted as Educational Packs for Primary School Practitioners and Home Educators that are in the process of being published by Middlesex University Press (no special skills in music or dance are required). Each pack consists of a 4-7-session course that is essentially a story with clear links to the National Curriculum, and uses dance as well as movement, drama, music and song. Teaching materials include detailed Lesson Plans, Music and Movement Sheets, CDs of original musical compositions, original artwork and DVD support resources.

Middlesex University Press will be publishing the Dancing Stories projects in the near future. "Crash Landing" will be piloted in January 2008.

The aims of Dancing Stories

The aims of Dancing Stories are:

  1. To present children with material that is enjoyable, stimulating and relevant to their lives, so that their natural desire to learn can 'flow and grow'.
  2. To enable dance, movement and drama to be used as the mediums for all types of learning across the curriculum so that, teachers can fulfil their requirements whilst providing a board and differentiated range of teaching styles.
  3. To produce original material of the highest standard.

Currently available courses

Packs for Nursery (3-4 yrs)

  1. My Day

Reception aged children (4-5 yrs)

  1. Aquababy

For Year 1 (5-6 yrs)

  1. The Rainbow Rucksack
  2. Sea Story

For Year 2 (6-7 yrs)

  1. Crash Landing
  2. Delightful Differences

For Year 3 (7-8 yrs)

  1. My Dancing Body

For Year 4 (8-9 yrs)

  1. Segments

For Year 5 (9-10 yrs)

  1. Dancing Around the Ancient Greeks

Available from Summer term 09 - For Year 6 (10-11yrs)

  1. Lopez in London

For a description of each course, please click on the title of the course or its the corresponding link at the top of the page.